Trillanes warns 2022 elections “one of the dirtiest” but confident opposition will win

  • Former senator Antonio Trillanes IV is confident that the opposition slate will win in the upcoming 2022 elections
  • Trillanes said that based on the previous elections, frontrunners do not always end up winning
  • He warned how the upcoming elections will be “one of the dirtiest”

Former senator Antonio Trillanes IV expressed his confidence that the opposition will win in the upcoming 2022 elections.

Image by Antonio Trillanes IV via Facebook

Despite not confirming her candidacy, Trillanes said that they are confident that the opposition’s frontrunner Vice President Leni Robredo will secure the highest political seat in the country soon. His statement came after Robredo ranked 5th in the latest Pulse Asia survey with 7 percent.

Trillanes explained that the result no longer reflects the real sentiments of the people since it was conducted in February, before the COVID-19 surge and reimposition of the enhanced community quarantine.

“The results of Pulse Asia [survey]…it is not valid anymore, because those results came in two months before and the intervening two months, so many significant events have already happened that could have affected the results by now,” Trillanes stressed.

Nevertheless, Trillanes said they are confident the opposition will still win. He cited how frontrunners in the surveys do not always end up winning.

“Because the past two elections have shown that the frontrunners do not really win in the end, and those who eventually won — in 2010, it was Noynoy Aquino, and in 2016, it was Duterte — both of them were not even on the surveys at this time of that year,” he said in an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel.

Image by PCOO and Image Capture of Video by Antonio Trillanes’ Youtube channel

He also warned that the upcoming elections will be like going to war as the administration will do everything to make sure they will be victorious.

“2022 would be probably one of the dirtiest, most vicious elections we will ever have because the other side, the Duterte camp, will be fighting for their physical freedom because they know that if the opposition wins — and again we will win — he is going straight to prison along with his cohorts,” Trillanes remarked.

“That is what’s at stake for them. For the opposition, what is at stake is the survival of the country,” he added.