Julia Barretto opens up in a heart-to-heart talk with dad Dennis Padilla in latest vlog

  • Dennis Padilla and his daughter Julia had a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship
  • According to Dennis, he was to be blamed for his failed marriage and shortcomings as a father
  • Julia explained she didn’t give up on her relationship with her father

Julia Barretto opened up about her relationship with her father Dennis Padilla.

Image Capture of video by Julia Barretto via YouTube

Julia’s special guest on her latest vlog via her YouTube channel was no other than her celebrity dad, Dennis. Pinoys who are updated on showbiz news must have been well aware of how their relationship has gone through smooth and rough times through the years.

Dennis opened up to his daughter on why his marriage with her mom Marjorie Barretto failed. He admitted that he was to be blamed for his shortcomings.

“Kahit naman siguro hindi kami nagka-problema sa marriage contract, ‘yung relationship namin became rocky because of my attitude, because of my temper. Marami din akong dinaanan nu’n kaya ako naging ganu’n. Ang mommy mo, marami ding dinaanang pagsubok dahil sa ugali ko,” he said.

“Actually, I’m the one to be blamed. Walang kasalanan ang nanay mo. Kasalanan ko ‘yun,” he clarified.

Image Capture of video by Julia Barretto via YouTube

Among the many challenges Julia and Dennis faced in the past was when the actress decided she wanted to legally drop Baldivia from her name.

He recalled, “It’s not the pangalan itself. That’s my blood, kaya masakit ‘yun. Kasi kumbaga, parang ito ba ang gusto n’yo? Barretto na nga ang dala mo sa screen, bakit tatanggalin n’yo pa ang apelyido ko? Masakit sa akin yun.”

For her part, Julia explained that the move was only made “to correct your mistake.” She said that considering that Dennis and her mom Marjorie’s marriage was null and void, they were considered their illegitimate children. But despite it all, Julia clarified that she didn’t give up on her relationship with her father.

“But I kept trying. That was painful for me. I was fighting so hard for our relationship despite all the words thrown at me by my own dad,” she explained.

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