Bello: P30K claim for workers infected with COVID-19 awaits Duterte’s approval

  • Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III announced that a resolution granting P30,000 compensation for workers who get infected with COVID-19 is pending the President’s approval
  • Under the resolution, COVID-19 will be considered a compensable illness
  • Once approved, all COVID-19 positive workers regardless if they belong in the public or private sector can claim P30,000 through SSS

Department of Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III revealed that their proposal for a P30,000 benefit claim for workers infected with COVID-19 is just waiting for President Rodrigo Duterte’s signature.

Image by DOLE

Bello shared that COVID-19 will be considered a compensable illness under their resolution. In an interview on “Dobol B TV,” Bello said, “Yung sakit na COVID-19 ay magiging compensable na ‘yan, hinihintay na lamang ang approval ng ating Pangulo.”

Under the resolution filed by the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC), workers who become COVID-19 positive will be given a P30,000 one-time financial compensation. It will be applicable to all workers, regardless if they are employed in micro, small or medium enterprises under the private or public sector. All workers can apply for the benefit through the Social Security System (SSS).

“Merong resolusyon ang ECC diyan. Kapag tinamaan ka ng COVID sa trabaho mo, mayroon kang assistance na P30,000. One time lang po yan,” Bello shared.

The secretary is confident that the resolution will be passed. He said, “I have no reason to doubt that the president won’t approve it…Kaya pagdating niyan sa lamesa niya, pipirmahan agad ng Presidente natin ‘yan.”

Image by San Miguel Corporation via Facebook

When ECC earlier approved the inclusion of COVID-19 as a compensable illness, Bello explained that the P30,000 is more than enough. “Magiging mataas ang compensation ‘yung mga work-related illness. Usually ang compensation niyan is P10,000 pero kung COVID-19 P30,000,” he explained.

Bello also clarified that the P30,000 compensation will be the same regardless if the patient experiences severe, mild or moderate form of COVID-19.

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