Anne Curtis thrilled to see how her mom loves Dahlia: ‘Totoo pala, mas spoiled ang apo’

  • Anne Curtis shared how much her family helps her in taking care of her baby Dahlia
  • According to Anne, she noticed how her mom is a very doting lola to Dahlia
  • The actress also mentioned how she has learned to manage her time wisely so she could be with Dahlia more

Anne Curtis- Heussaff opened up about how their family changed with the arrival of baby Dahlia Amelie in their lives.

Image by Anne Curtis via Instagram

The actress expressed how grateful she is for her mom Carmen and brother Thomas when she had Dahlia in Australia. She appreciated how much her family willingly lent a helping hand in taking care of her baby.

“It’s made me appreciate them even more. And I’m so grateful to have been given that time to spend, let’s just say, with my mom, my brother, when I was still in Melbourne. They really helped me during the first few months of motherhood and my husband as well,” Anne shared.

The celebrity mom also couldn’t help but beam about her mother becoming a doting lola to Dahlia. She noticed how her mother likes to spoil her grandchild.

“Just seeing my mom as a lola, in a different light, alam mo iyon? Mas nakikita ko pa nga na totoo pala iyon na mas spoiled pa ang apo! Little things like that, which made me appreciate and so thankful talaga to have them. Not only in my life, but in Dahlia’s life,” Anne added.

Image by Carmen Curtis-Smith via Instagram

Anne also admitted that among the many things she learned through motherhood is to spend her time wisely. She has learned how important it is to manage her time so she could be with Dahlia more.

“That’s probably how my parents felt when I was growing up, alam mo iyon? It’s changed the way I perceive things. Parang as a mom, iyong time mo, parang you realize how precious it is,” she explained.