Angel Locsin approaches a distraught father in a hospital to give cash aid

  • Angel Locsin was seen approaching an emotional father next to his baby
  • The actress didn’t hesitate to reach out and hand over some cash to the father in need
  • Netizens were impressed with Angel’s kindness

Netizens were once again impressed with Angel’s generosity when a video of her helping a father became viral.

Image Capture of video by @dagamiRRT via Twitter

Helping those in need is not unknown to Angel as she has been recognized many times for her philanthropic works. This time, a video of her captivated the sympathy of many netizens when she personally approached an emotional father to hand him some cash aid.

According to a post by a netizen on Twitter, they were all surprised when Angel went near a father who was weeping next to his child. While holding her wallet, the actress can be heard saying that the money she gave was her lucky money hidden in her wallet. The father and the other people in the video thanked Angel for her generosity.

The caption of the video goes, “‘Yung bigla siyang lumapit sa tatay ng isang baby kasi naririnig niyang umiiyak.”

The netizen who posted the video shared how she couldn’t believe how easily Angel helped a stranger in need. She hopes many more would be as kind as her.

Image Capture of video by @dagamiRRT via Twitter

“At pati kami ay nagulat sa actions ginawa niya. Myghaaad. Sana marami pang katulad niyo!!! Akala ko sa mga news ko lang makikita ganon eksena. Pero literal totoo. Huhu. God bless!” the post continued.

Amid the recent controversy that the actress has been embroiled in after the mishap at her community pantry, many fans expressed their support and willingness to defend Angel amid criticisms.

Here’s the video by @dagamiRRT via Twitter:

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