“Tres-passer” graduate makes it to top 5 of Med Tech board exam

  • Jacob Paras is proud to be an “average student” who landed top 5 in the 2021 Medical Technologist Licensure Examination
  • He shared that while in college he had 3.0 grades and barely passed his subjects
  • The UST graduate inspired others to not give up despite not having excellent grades but to continue to persevere instead

A graduate proved that despite not being an achiever in college, he was able to land in the top 5 of the 2021 Medical Technology Licensure Examinations.

Image by Jacob Paras via Facebook

A graduate of Medical Technology from the University of Santo Tomas named Francis Jacob Paras inspired many by proving that sometimes it doesn’t matter how bumpy the road may be as long as you don’t give up and win in the end.

In a report from UST’s official student publication, The Varsitarian, they shared the story of Jacob to motivate those who are struggling with their studies to continue and persevere. According to the report, Jacob is a “tres-passer” because he used to have 3.00 grade or just mere passing grades.

“Trespassing is against the law, but in college, “tres passing,” or barely passing a subject with a 3.00 grade, is nothing short of academic holy grail,” the report stated.

“But Thomasian Francis Jacob Paras brought this to the next level. Paras, who had gotten multiple 3.00 grades during his collegiate years, snagged the singko spot in the March 2021 licensure examinations for medical technologists,” it added.

Image by Jacob Paras via Facebook

According to Jacob, being an average student motivated him to work more on himself.

“I have no Latin honors. I’m no laude. I was just a regular student like everybody else trying to pass and survive every (semester) but I wanted to be a better version of myself,” Jacob wrote on his Facebook page.

The Med Tech graduate reminded students to not give up if they don’t have excellent grades. Instead, they should be motivated to work harder.

“Failures and low grades don’t make you less of a person than those with higher grades. Use that failure to further motivate you to bring out the hidden potential hiding in each and every one of us,” he added.

Jacob landed top 5 in the 2021 Medical Technology Licensure Exam with a score of 87.50. He is among the total of 1,921 passers out of 3,251 who took the board exam. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the exam results last March 26, 2021.