Toni Gonzaga gives a tour of her massive, luxurious master’s bathroom

  • Toni Gonzaga gave her followers a tour of her master’s bathroom
  • The actress-host shared that the renovation of the bathroom was a gift from her husband, Paul Soriano
  • The bathroom boasts an all-white interior, state-of-the-art bathtub, two separate toilets and a reading nook

Toni Gonzaga showed off her massive all-white master’s bathroom.

Image Capture of video by Toni Gonzaga via YouTube

Most of the time, celebrities give a tour of their entire house as they present some of the best assets of their homes. This time, Toni gave a sneak peek into their master’s bathroom, which is so impressive that it’s worthy to be given its own tour vlog.

On Toni’s latest vlog, she revealed that the upscale master’s bathroom renovation was a gift from her husband, Paul Soriano. Through a design studio named CreativSpaces, Toni and her husband were able to maximize their space and give it a sleek minimalist design.

“Paul asked me last year ano’ng gift daw ang gusto ko for our anniversary. And I just said don’t buy me shoes, bags, or jewelry. Just give me my dream all-white master’s banyo. So, I got Creative Spaces to help me come up with a design that can maximize the space that we have,” Toni admitted.

The bathroom has separate toilets for her and her husband, a lighting system with a voice command, a reading nook when she needs some  quiet time, and a high-tech bathtub.

“It’s beautiful, it’s sleek, it’s clean, and I just love it,” she said.

Image Capture of video by Toni Gonzaga via YouTube

The bathroom’s white walls and tiles complemented the artsy dried plants and flowers. It also bears gold accents, and bubble pendant lights. It also has a door that leads to their walk-in closet where she places some of her books. Pointing at her walk-in closet’s reading nook, Toni said, “I love this place kasi this is where I do my quiet time in the morning. This is where I read, this is where I do my reflections.”

Watch the vlog via Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube channel:

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