Student’s trick turns hilarious with epic fail alibi “Reconicting” during online class

  • A netizen shared a hilarious alibi which was allegedly used by a student during online class
  • The student tried to imitate the ‘reconnecting’ message that prompts whenever slow internet connection arises
  • Though it did not turn out the way it was planned, this made many people laugh and brought good vibes to social media users

Online classes became the new normal in education since the uninvited guest (COVID-19) invaded the country. To secure the safety of both the teachers and the students, face to face learning was cancelled. From the usual learning modality, it suddenly turned to distance learning having either online or modular arrangement with the students.

However, even if it’s been months already since the sudden shift in learning set up, not everyone can adjust easily. People have divided insights about this. Both positive and negative comments are present, others may find it convenient, while others find the opposite.

Image via Facebook| Angel Dela Cruz

But if you are the teacher, what will be your reaction if your student used slow internet connection as an alibi?

On a Facebook post, netizen Angel Dela Cruz shared an image saying, “Reconicting….” where she put the caption, “yung student na ayaw magbukas ng camera bongga nilagay.. kunyari mabagal net…akala mo ha.. Reconicting ka jan.

Image via Facebook| Angel Dela Cruz

It turned out to be an epic fail alibi when the student used “reconicting” instead of ‘reconnecting’ when he did not want to turn on the camera during the online classes. Seriously? Did he just try to trick his teacher? Lol Well, the idea just didn’t work.

Image via Facebook| Angel Dela Cruz

Though the alibi did not work the way it should have, it brought good vibes to the netizens and immediately went viral. Many thought of it as hilarious although it should have been a brilliant idea, “tawang tawa ako, HAHAHAHHA palpak ang life hack.”

“Papasa sana sa excuse mo kaso mali spelling hahahhahahhahhaha“— TJ