Melai Cantiveros explains why she refuses to pay for relatives’ tuition fees: ‘Huwag umasa’

  • Melai Cantiveros revealed how she manages her finances
  • She admitted that she doesn’t want to pay for the tuition fees of her relatives
  • The TV host shared how their parents brought them up to not be dependent on each other financially

Melai Cantiveros shared her reasons why she refuses to pay for the tuition fees of her relatives.

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The Pinoy Big Brother grand winner admitted she has come a long way since bringing home the prize. But despite being financially comfortable, Melai revealed that she is now wiser when it comes to making priorities. She appeared on Enchong Dee’s vlog to share how she has learned to manage her finances; always keeping her children’s future in mind.

“Pero this time, nu’ng nag-asawa ako, nagkaroon kami ng anak, nagbago na. Never na. Kung ano ang ikabubuti ng anak namin, doon kami. May mga investment, may mga ipon. ‘Yung mga ganu’n. Pero hindi ako, partner, maluho,” Melai remarked.

Melai said she eventually learned to value experiences over material stuff.

Meanwhile, the tv host also admitted that she learned to put a limit when extending assistance to relatives. While it is quite common for Filipino families to send other relatives to school, Melai shies away from such practice.

Image Capture of Video by Enchong Dee via YouTube

She explained, “Kunyari sa mga pinsan ko, hindi ako magbabayad ng mga tuition fee nila. Hihingan ako ng kapatid ng pang-tuition, [sasabihin ko] ‘Ba’t ako [magbabayad ng] tuition fee ng anak mo?’ Eh anak mo ‘yan.'”

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Melai added that they were brought up not to be dependent on others, especially when it comes to their needs.

“Kami, bata pa lang kami, tinuruan na kami na huwag umasa. Dapat kayo maging breadwinner. Pero dapat breadwinners. Lahat kayo breadwinners ng family. Kunwari nagta-trabaho si Ate. Dapat nagta-trabaho ka rin. Kunyari sinabi ng kapamilya ko tuition fee, [sasabihin ko] ba’t ako mag-tuition fee? Pagalitan talaga. Mangingnig ka talaga, partner,” she said.

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