LOOK: Mariah Carey belts a high note for her Covid-19 vaccine

  • Mariah Carey shared the moment she got the COVID-19 jab
  • She admitted she was nervous and excited and couldn’t stop talking
  • In a true Diva fashion, Mariah sang a high note when she got the jab

Mariah Carey didn’t pass up the chance to educate the public to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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The award-winning singer shared on her social media accounts the moment when she took the COVID-19 jab. Mariah admitted she was feeling nervous and she couldn’t stop talking because she was excited at the same time.

She also made light that her nonstop talking may be distracting the healthcare workers but she couldn’t just stop herself.

“They’re having a medical narrative but I’m just here excited and nervous a little bit about getting the shot. This is distracting them from doing their job but you know how I am, I just talk and I don’t really think about it,” Mariah admitted.

“Ok, so I’m calming down, I’m a little nervous,” she added while taking deep breaths.

Mariah also recalled how she made a post back in March 2020, just when the pandemic began to remind the public to follow health protocols. She remarked how far along we have all gone as we now have a vaccine against the dreaded virus. But she also reminded everyone that the struggle isn’t over yet.

Mariah remarked, “Here we are, all the way from that first post. Washing my hands with Roc and Roe in New York. Trying to encourage people to really be safe. You know we’re still in this battle together.”

Amid her jitters, Mariah even pointed at an image of Michael Jackson and commented, “Look who’s here in spirit with us.”

Image Capture of Video by Mariah Carey via Facebook

And in a true Diva fashion, Mariah belted a high note when she finally got the job. She captioned the video, “Vaccine side effect: G6.”

Watch the video via Mariah Carey’s Facebook page:

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