Leni proud of daughter Tricia for being a volunteer in the free COVID-19 testing program

  • Vice President Leni Robredo shared how proud she is of her daughter, Dr. Tricia for volunteering to be part of their Swab Cab program
  • The Swab Cam is a mobile COVID-19 testing facility that goes around areas with high infection rates
  • Malabon Mayor Antolin “Lenlen” Oreta III also thanked Dr. Tricia for her efforts

Vice President Leni Robredo couldn’t help but feel proud of her daughter, Dr. Tricia, for being one of the volunteers of her mass testing program.

Image by Mayor Antolin “Lenlen” Oreta via Facebook

On Facebook, Robredo shared that she has been receiving photos of her second daughter, Tricia while volunteering in their Swab Cab program in Malabon.

The Vice President wrote, “Tricia was one of the volunteer swabbers of our Swab Cab today and a number of people she was with sent me pics and tagged me on Facebook.”

The Swab Cab program was initiated by the Office of the Vice President where a mobile COVID-19 testing facility goes around areas with high transmission and infection rates to offer free testing. According to Robredo, in two days of their testing in Malabon they were able to record 80 COVID-19 positive individuals.

She expressed her gratitude to everyone who helped make Swab Cab successful.

“Thank you very much to everyone!! Thank you most especially to the BHERTs who did a great job in the immediate contact tracing. The good thing about swab antigen tests is results are out in 15 minutes. Whenever there is one who tests positive, an ambulance on standby brings him/her directly to a pre designated isolation center. Then, contact tracing immediately ensues,” she added.

Image by OVP via Facebook

Meanwhile, Malabon Mayor Antolin “Lenlen” Oreta III also thanked Dr. Tricia for her efforts.

“Dra. Tricia, Maraming Salamat sa iyong efforts, ngunit more than the number of Antigen Tests you conducted today, we are more thankful for the inspiration your family provides. For us to overcome this pandemic we all have to do our part. Caring for others is another form of cure. Again, thank you VP Leni Robredo and family for caring,” he wrote on Facebook.

Image by VP Leni Robredo via Facebook