KC Concepcion thanks Mom Sharon for her closeness to dad Gabby’s daughters

  • KC Concepcion gave credit to her mom, Sharon Cuneta, for her closeness to her younger siblings
  • She spent the Easter with Gabby Concepcion’s other daughters, Samantha and Savannah
  • KC also admitted that despite having an unconventional blended family, she loves them all so much

KC Concepcion revealed that it was through her mother Sharon Cuneta’s encouragement that she was able to maintain good relationships with her half-siblings.

Image by KC Concepcion via Instagram

On Instagram, KC shared a photo of herself bonding with her younger siblings, Samantha and Savannah. They are the daughters of Gabby Concepcion with his non-showbiz wife, Genevieve Yatco Gonzales. Gabby and Genevieve got married back in 2004.

According to KC, she felt grateful that she got to spend Easter with her siblings, even if they got stuck on lockdown.

She wrote, “Grateful to have this chance to spend time with my little sisters Samantha & Savannah! Been locked down together and making up for the lost time.”

KC continued how she tries to keep up with their blended family ever since her parents separated in 1987.

She said, “For those of you who don’t know, my parents married in their teens and unfortunately separated when I was a toddler. Today they have their own families, who are also my own…”

“I keep close to my siblings, or at least I do my part to, and tbh [to be honest] giving importance and nurturing relationships between both my families can be tough- always a balancing act,” she added.

Despite their “unconventional blended family,” KC revealed how much she loves them all and that her life wouldn’t be complete without them

Her post earned many praises from netizens. When one netizen shared her frustration at how her daughter didn’t get a chance to be close with her other siblings, KC replied and said it’s all because of her mother.

Image by KC Concepcion via Instagram

She answered, “Yes, my mom has been very good at encouraging me to be close to my siblings on papa’s side. Maybe it’s because she herself has half siblings too and one particularly that she is close to.”

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