Buknoy trends after claiming Ion Perez likes Awra, only after Vice Ganda for money

  • Buknoy Glamurr went viral after he allegedly pretended to be Awra Briguela in a video
  • While pretending, Buknoy claimed that Awra is in a relationship with Ion Perez
  • He also accused Vice of dropping Awra because he was jealous that Ion is in love with him

Buknoy Glamurr became a trending topic after he allegedly dropped shocking accusations against Awra Briguela, Vice Ganda and Ion Perez.

Image by Buknoy Glamurr via Instagram

A TikTok live video by Gabo Adeva made netizens abuzz. Gabo, a friend of Buknoy, went live to interview a person claiming to be “Awra.” While the person Gabo was talking to cannot be seen in the video, netizens pointed that it was actually Buknoy who was pretending to be Awra.

Photos of Buknoy with Gabo wearing the same clothes he wore on the video surfaced online.

In the video, Gabo asked the person claiming to be Awra some controversial questions about Vice Ganda and Ion Perez. Gabo first asked “Awra”, “Bakit ka nga ba nalaos?” To which he answered, “Kasi nga ‘di ba si Meme Vice binitawan na ako.”

Much to the surprise of the viewers, “Awra” made a comment about Vice. He said, “Akala mo naman mamahalin siya ni Ion.”

More accusations surfaced as “Awra” claimed Ion was actually in a secret relationship with him. Adding fuel to the fire, he even went on to claim that Awra even happened between them.

“Pineperahan lang siya,” the one claiming to be Awra said. Gabo prodded further, “So, Awra, bakit ka binitawan ni Meme Vice?”

“Malamang dahil ako ang gusto ni Ion, hindi siya,” the pretending to be “Awra” claimed.

Gabo went on to ask something already between him and Ion, to which he replied, “Oo, doon sa Showtime dressing room number 5.”

The TikToker asked, “‘Di ka naman na konsensya, Awra?” and got an answer of “Hindi.”

Image via Twitter

The video clip has been shared online by netizens which earned reactions from netizens. While many said that the video was clearly just a joke, many also warned Buknoy against legal cases that may be filed against them.

A netizen also said that Vice shouldn’t shrug off this issue and teach Buknoy a lesson instead.

She tweeted, “Seriously hindi to dapat palampasin. This is not just a petty twitter fight. this is SLANDER and if you truly care about vice, ion, and/or awra, you will take the proper action against this. hindi lang siya nagpapapansin, what buknoy did damages the artists and their reputation.”

Meanwhile, here’s a copy of the livestream’s video clip via @chanchinglion on Twitter: