Beauty Gonzalez recalls her husband’s struggles with COVID-19: ‘It felt like my world was ending’

  • Beauty Gonzalez revealed their struggles when her husband, Norman, got infected with COVID-19
  • She shared how she was filled with anxiety and worries when he was rushed to the hospital
  • Fortunately, her husband survived and was able to come home to them

Beauty Gonzalez recalled her experience when her husband, Norman Crisologo, became COVID-19 positive.

Image by Beauty Gonzalez via Instagram

On Instagram, the actress shared what she described as her “Easter Story.” Like the story of God’s rising from his tomb, Beauty revealed how her family felt they had a new life together after her husband survived COVID-19.

Beauty wrote, “An Easter Story. For the last couple of weeks my life has been put on hold, everything on my mind and in my heart suddenly changed. Norman tested positive for Covid and had to be rushed to Hospital.”

“This world problem suddenly hit home hard and fast and I wasn’t prepared,” she added.

Beauty revealed that after a day of experiencing symptoms, Norman was rushed to the hospital. At that time, she was overwhelmed with worry and anxiety at what might happen to her husband.

She admitted, “It felt like my world was ending and I didn’t know how or why, all I could recall were the statistics and death tolls I’ve heard this entire year, how sometimes unbelievable they were and now how real they have suddenly become. I didn’t know what to do.”

Image by Beauty Gonzalez via Instagram

At that point of helplessness, Beauty realized that she would make sure that she would fill their life with love and goodness as soon as their struggles were over.

“I spoke to God many times. I made promises to myself. I held my child often. I made sure that life from this day forward, no matter what happens will be filled with love and light, that all this suffering would not be for nothing,” she promised.

In the end, Beauty was relieved that finally Norman survived COVID-19 and was able to come home to them.

“He came home. Nothing will ever be the same again. Family is EVERYTHING?. Thank you everyone,” she wrote.

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