Baron Geisler says biggest regret is that his mom didn’t get to see him “clean”

  • Baron Geisler opened up about the many struggles he experienced in life
  • Now a devout Christian, Baron said he is proud to be a changed man
  • However, the actor also admitted how dismayed he is that his mother didn’t get to see him “clean”

Baron Geisler admitted that his biggest regret in life is that his mother passed away without seeing him “clean.”

Image by Baron Geisler via Instagram

The actor opened up about some of his struggles in life in an interview with Toni Gonzaga via the actress’ YouTube channel.

According to Baron, he could only wish now that his mom is still around to see his transformation into becoming a better person.

He said, “My dream kasi nung time na ‘yun was for my mom to see me clean,” an emotional Geisler said. “Madami naman ang nagsasabi na ‘She’s proud of you now.’”

Becoming emotional, Baron said he believes his mother is still looking after him up to this day.

“There are times nga na para akong baliw. I still say a little shout out kay mom na I wish you were here. Kasi may baby ako, hindi niya naabutan ‘yung apo niya. Lahat ng mga anak ng mga kapatid ko, naabutan niya. Ako lang ‘yung hindi. Kung buhay siya, is-spoil niya si baby Tali,” he shared.

The actor who is now based in Cebu revealed how he has changed from a troubled man to a family man. He admitted that despite his transformation, there are still those who doubt him.

Image Capture of Video by Toni Gonzaga via YouTube

“The doubts will always be there. ‘Baron, totoo ba iyan? Return of the comeback na naman? Baka mamaya puro salita lang iyan, after a few films, babalik na naman iyan sa dati.’ I am ready for that na. My recovery is not for Jamie, it’s not for Tali. It’s for me. Because how can I lead a family if I am not ready, if I am not whole?” he remarked.

He went on to shrug off the naysayers and clarified that he only has God to explain to.

“I do not have to answer to anyone except my God because only Him and I have a relationship and it’s a very special one. Nobody can take that away from me,” he added.

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