Arabella del Rosario shares how Jimuel Pacquiao is as a boyfriend: ‘Very humble’

  • Arabella del Rosario gave a glimpse of her private relationship with Jimuel Pacquiao
  • According to her, it isn’t difficult to be the girlfriend of someone as popular as Jimuel because he is a very humble man
  • Aside from being a Star Magic talent, Arabella is currently a veterinary student of Dela Salle Araneta

Arabella del Rosario opened up about her relationship with Jimuel Pacquiao.

Image by Arabella del Rosario, Jimuel Pacquiao via Instagram

Arabella recently confirmed that she is the girlfriend of our Pambansang Kamao’s son, Jimuel. According to Arabella, their relationship is private but not a secret. In an interview with Push, the Star Magic talent gave a sneak peek into her relationship with Jimuel.

Arabella was asked if it’s difficult to be the girlfriend of someone as popular as Jimuel. She answered that she doesn’t mind because her boyfriend is very humble.

“Okey naman po kasi si Jimuel is very, very humble. He doesn’t think of that way talaga po, na high-profile siya kasi anak siya ng boxing champion,” she said.

“Wala akong masabi talaga, promise po. He does not think of it at all. Para lang siyang normal na individual. Of course, meron pong mga nagpapa-picture, and autograph, pero he doesn’t mind naman po and I don’t mind as well. It’s okey, I understand po, it’s not really a big deal, okey lang po, it’s not really hard naman po,” Arabella added.

Arabella, who is a veterinary student of Dela Salle Araneta, also clarified that she didn’t initially want to be in showbiz. According to her, she didn’t want to become a celebrity when she was young. But as she grew older, she became curious and finally auditioned for Star Magic in 2019.

Imahe mula sa Instagram account ni Jimuel Pacquiao

“But then as I aged I became very curious as to how showbiz works, how did it feel like especially that I have a passion for dancing, for singing, and I’ve always wanted to try acting as well,” Arabella remarked.