Anne Curtis asks amid COVID-19 surge: “So, what’s the plan?”

  • Anne Curtis reacted to the 15,310 cases of COVID-19 positive reported by the DOH
  • She asked if there are concrete steps that the public may follow so everyone can work together to help curb the rising number of cases
  • The celebrity clarified she isn’t just criticizing and appealed for the harsh words against her to stop

Anne Curtis expressed her concern over the continued increase in COVID-19 cases in the country.

Image by Anne Curtis via Instagram

The actress took to Twitter to air her sentiment over the COVID-19 surge and asked if there are concrete steps to curb the rising number of cases. She retweeted a report about the 15, 310 cases posted by the Department of Health last April 2.

She tweeted, “This is quite alarming, especially knowing that not everyone can/has gotten tested. So what is the plan? What are the next steps? I would like to think that everyone understands we have to take the necessary precautions to stay safe.”

Anne stressed that if there are clear steps that the public can follow, hopefully everyone can work together to help the situation

“But it would be nice to be given more light on what is to happen while waiting for vaccines to arrive.. so with what hope we have left we can work together as a nation,” Anne added.

As expected regarding celebrities who are vocal on social issues, Anne’s tweet received a barrage of mixed reactions. While many praised her for speaking up, there were also those who questioned her knowledge on the government’s efforts.

Image by Anne Curtis via Twitter

To clarify her stand on the situation, Anne retweeted the second half of her answer to explain.

She wrote, “For those who didn’t ever bother to read the second half of my tweet and have instead opted to lash out with harsh words. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! Happy Easter everyone!”

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