Angeline Quinto tests positive for COVID-19, shares first week of struggle in vlog

  • Angeline Quinto tested positive for COVID-19
  • She chronicled her experience in her latest vlog
  • The singer revealed that she got exposed to an individual who tested positive and they shared meals together

Angeline Quinto documented her experiences as a COVID-19 positive patient in her latest vlog.

Image Capture of Video by Angeline Quinto via YouTube

The singer-actress revealed the first week of her struggle against the coronavirus.

In the caption of her vlog, she wrote, “I was very cautious. Pero siguro dahil na din sa pagod, without knowing it naging pabaya ako protecting myself.”

“I’ve been tested positive for COVID-19 and the only thing I can do is to pick up myself and be very careful not to infect other people, and then protect and heal myself,” she added

According to Angeline, she got the virus when she was exposed to an individual who had tested positive. Among their interactions were having a meal at her home. When she underwent RT-PCR testing, she was confirmed to be positive.

“Nakasabay ko kumain. Pag kakain, walang mask. Nakapagkuwentuhan kami,” she recalled.

Angeline is in isolation as she had been suffering from several symptoms including diarrhea, fever and loss of taste and smell. She said it saddened her that she tested positive but feel thankful that her Mama Bob isn’t around to be at risk. Angeline remarked that she would be filled with anxiety if her mother was around while she is struggling with coronavirus.

“Nakakalungkot, nag-positive po ako sa COVID. Ito pa naman ‘yung lagi kong sinasabi sa mga katrabaho ko, mga kaibigan ko, ‘lagi kayong mag-iingat,’” she said.

Image Capture of Video by Angeline Quinto via YouTube

“Buti na lang wala si Mama Bob dito kasi kung nandito pa ang mama, baka lalo akong matataranta at mas hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko kung nandito ang Mama Bob,” she remarked.

Watch the rest of the vlog via Angeline Quinto’s YouTube channel:

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