Angel Locsin shares how her “anti-vaxxer” parents were convinced to get Covid-19 jabs

  • Angel Locsin’s happy that her parents, who were doubtful about vaccine, agreed to finally get the jab
  • The actress-philanthropist posted photos of her dad getting vaccinated as her mom holds a sign that she’s now protected against COVID-19
  • According to Angel, her siblings didn’t stop convincing their parents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Angel Locsin happily shared that her “anti-vaxxer” parents were finally convinced to get the COVID-19 jabs.

Image by Angel Locsin via Instagram

According to Angel, her parents are like some Filipinos who have apprehensions in getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Thankfully with the right information, Angelo and Emma Colmenares, agreed to be protected against the coronavirus via inoculation. On Instagram, Angel shared photos of her dad getting his first dose of the vaccine, and her mom holding up a certificate which says that she has been vaccinated.

Angel captioned the photos with, “The ‘anti-vaxxer’ finally cooperates. The mother and the father received their first dose of Covid vaccine today! Good ‘jab’!”

Meanwhile, Angel’s sister Ela revealed what they had to go through to convince their parents to believe in vaccines.

In an interview with Bandera, she shared how she reminded her parents how she got “hepa” because her parents didn’t vaccinate her when she was young.

In the comment sections, Angel also replied to several reactions from celebrities and netizens. One netizen praised Angel at their effort in convincing their parents. The netizen wrote, “Sana may magconvince din sa Papa ko kasi very negative siya about the vaccine. Siya na nga lang meron kami tapos ayaw pa magpa-vaccine.”

Angel replied that they didn’t stop trying to explain and convince their parents to trust in the vaccine. “Hindi namin sila tinigilan,” she answered.

Image by Angel Locsin via Instagram

Another friend of Angel also commended her for finally being able to successfully convince her parents. Angel replied, “Oo, haha blackmail levels. Lol”

According to Angel, her parents received the Sinovac vaccine.

Image by Angel Locsin via Instagram