Alex Gonzaga features VP Leni Robredo as her “Mama for a day” in viral vlog

  • Alex Gonzaga’s guest in her latest vlog was Vice President Leni Robredo
  • She asked the latter to be her “Mama” for a day
  • The vlog quickly went viral with over half a million views in four hours

Alex Gonzaga had Vice President Leni Robredo as her mother for a day.

Image Capture of Video by Alex Gonzaga via YouTube

Alex has chosen VP Leni as her guest in her latest vlog as they went through the “mama for a day” challenge. She visited the Vice President in her office as they had a short tour around the place. At one point, VP Leni commented how her office looked like a warehouse as they continued to conduct relief operations.

Inside one of the offices, Alex remarked how the room looked like a principal’s office. VP Leni revealed that she used to be a teacher teaching economics.

The two continued to talk about personal details about the Vice President, including how her daughters helped her in her initiatives and projects. VP Leni told Alex, “Kung anak kita, magtatrabaho ka.”

As the Vice President explained the many projects their office continues to pursue, Alex commented, “Ang dami niyo naman pong projects. Tinalo niyo pa po ako bilang artista sa dami ng projects.”

Image Capture of video by Alex Gonzaga via YouTube

They also went inside the personal office of VP Leni which she described as the smallest room in the place. Alex said, “Nanggigil po ako, maam ang liit po ng kwarto niyo.” To which VP Leni replied, “‘Di naman kasi kailangan ng malaki, mas kailangan ng staff.”

Alex asked if VP Leni sleeps while inside her office, and the Vice President laughed and replied ‘no’ because she usually has guests around. The vlogger prodded what VP Leni does when she gets stressed and she answered that she doesn’t usually get stressed. Alex continued to ask how VP Leni handles criticisms, to which the Vice President replied, “Ai wala, iniisip ko lang na bahagi ng trabaho ko.”

When Alex saw two huge teddy bears, VP Leni shared that it was also donated and that it was meant to be her and President Rodrigo Duterte. Alex asked in jest, “Ayaw n’yo siya maging papa ko?” VP Leni laughed but didn’t answer.

Watch the rest of the vlog via Alex Gonzaga’s YouTube channel:

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