Ai-Ai delas Alas recalls past love life being the ‘other woman’: “Mabigat ang buhay”

  • Ai-Ai delas Alas admitted she became a mistress when she married her first husband, Miguel Vera
  • She revealed that despite knowing that Miguel was married, she still continued with the relationship
  • The comedienne said her life as the “other woman” was very heavy and difficult

Ai-Ai delas Alas opened up about her past love life which she described as “colorful.”

Image by Ai-Ai delas Alas via Instagram

Among the memories she looked back at was when she became an ‘unintentional mistress.’ The comedienne talked about her past marriage with her first husband, Miguel Vera. She and Miguel got married in a civil wedding back in 1989 but it was too late when Ai-Ai found out that Miguel was already legally married.

But even at that point, Ai-Ai admitted she still continued with the relationship because they already have a child then.

“Nung mga panahon na alam ko dati may asawa na yung naging karelasyon ko, ipinilit ko pa rin, which is dapat hininto ko na. Kaya lang minsan matigas ang ulo natin. ‘Ah, kasi may anak ako.’ May pinaglalaban ka, e,” she shared with Pep.

But looking back now, Ai-Ai realized that it was wrong. Her relationship with Miguel lasted for seven years wherein they had two children– Vito and Sofia.

“Pero actually, kahit gano’n, mali ka pa rin kasi may asawa yung taong pinatulan mo. Kaya kahit may anak ka, gano’n talaga. Yun ang pinili mong desisyon, e,” she remarked.

Ai-Ai admitted that it was not easy to follow her heart and settle as the “other woman.” She remembered how her life was difficult and challenging back then.

“Totoo yun na parang minamalas ka, parang mabigat ang buhay. ‘Yun ang isang natutunan ko. Kailangan hindi ako dumaan dun—although marami akong natutunan—kaya hindi mo na dapat uulitin,” Ai-Ai remarked.

It also took her a long time to finally move on from that turbulent relationship. Since then, she has learned to become stronger in handling the affairs of her heart.

Image by Ai-Ai delas Alas via Instagram

Back in 2012, Miguel appeared with Ai-Ai years after they already separated. He said that he has nothing but well wishes for his ex-wife.

“Ako na ang pinakamaligayang tao kapag nakita kong masaya siya. Kasi kapag masaya ito, masaya ang mga anak ko eh,” he said.

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