Pia Wurtzbach recalls being in a toxic relationship in the past: “I was very submissive”

  • Pia Wurtzbach admitted she went through a toxic relationship many years ago
  • She revealed that she would always choose the guy over work and her family
  • When she finally had the strength to leave, she only had P100 and had no job but was determined to go away

Pia Wurtzbach recalled a past toxic relationship that left her with only P100 in her wallet.

Image by Pia Wurtzbach via Instagram

In the recent episode of Pia’s “Between Us Queens” podcast, the Miss Universe of 2015 talked about her past relationships and some ‘crazy breakup story” way before she became a beauty queen. According to Pia, she used to be a very submissive girlfriend and always let the guy take control.

“Before this whole pageant thing that I did, before Miss Universe, before Binibini, I was a very different person as in under ako sa lalaki,” Pia said.

“Kung ano sabihin niya, ‘yun masusunod. Hindi ako lalaban kahit alam kong mali. I didn’t really have a voice. I was that kind of girl. I was very submissive,” she added.

It came to a point when the guy was Pia’s entire world that she chose him over her career and family.

“As in naging mundo ko siya. I gave up a lot of things. I gave up my career. I stopped doing the jobs that I was doing, which also meant I didn’t have an income. So I had nothing,” she explained.

Image by Pia Wurtzbach via Instagram

Eventually, Pia’s sister Sarah successfully convinced her it was time to let go of the bad relationship. She recalled how she barely had money, but she had the strength to move on.

“I just remember packing whatever I could, getting into my friend’s car and only having 100 pesos in my wallet. Wala akong pera. Wala akong trabaho. Wala lahat. And I had to rebuild myself again from zero,” Pia looks back.

The beauty queen said it was such a huge learning experience for her not to allow anyone to take control of her happiness.

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