MMDA’s Pialago says Duterte will not be a lame duck: “That’s huge disrespect to the will of Pinoys”

  • MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago said that President Rodrigo Duterte will not be a “lame duck” in his remaining time in office
  • She explained that it’s because Duterte is very popular and well trusted by the Filipinos
  • Pialago added that disobedience to Duterte would be a disrespect to the Filipino people’s trust

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Spokesperson Celine Pialago aired her opinion on a statement made earlier by President Rodrigo Duterte that he will soon become a ‘lame duck.’

Image by Celine Pialago vja Facebook

Lame duck refers to an outgoing politician whose power or influence is already diminished. According to Pialago, that is hard to imagine considering how popular Duterte is. She also said that the President is very much trusted by the public.

“I don’t think President Duterte will have a lame duck phase. His popularity in the latter stages of his presidency is unheard of and speaks of how much he is trusted by Filipinos,” said the MMDA assistant secretary shared with Manila Bulletin.

She went on to say that disrespecting the President would be against the will of the Filipinos.

“For him to be disobeyed or dismissed by other public officials, even during his last few months as president, would be a huge disrespect to the will of Pinoys,” Pialago added.

Image by PCOO

Earlier, Duterte admitted it’s only “natural” that he would be a lame duck considering he only has a little time left in his position. He explained, “Half a year na lang ako. The other half will be the lame months. Lame duck na ako. That is natural. It happens, it will happen.”

Pialago pointed out that despite the short time left in office, the President still earned a considerably high approval rating of 70 percent in December; something that is quite rare comparing it with the popularity of previous Philippine presidents.