Kalma, friends: DOTr explains ‘confusing’ PWD sign of restroom lobby that has gone viral

  • The DOTr explained a viral photo of a restroom lobby with a PWD sign in the middle of two doors for male and female
  • A netizen tweeted implying if the PWD has to ‘magically’ cross the wall to use the CR
  • According to the agency, the PWD sign in the middle means that the two doors are for the use of the disabled; hence its wider size

The Department of Transportation ( DOTr) has issued a statement explaining a viral photo of a restroom lobby that has made netizens confused and even amused.

Image by JC Punongbayan via Twitter

The discussion began when columnist and economist JC Punongbayan shared a photo on Twitter showing a restroom lobby with two doors of restrooms for male and female while the signage for persons with disabilities (PWD) is in the middle. Netizens were confused why the PWD signage has no door at all. Punongbayan described it as “Comfort Room 9 3/4”.”

He was referring to a place described in the Harry Potter series wherein Hogwarts students need to directly walk through a wall or a barrier to reach the magical train platform.

Punongbayan’s tweet has earned a lot of reactions as it had close to 4,000 likes. “Hahaha. Ang talino. Harry Potter inspired. I wonder saan nakakarating? Hogwarts din kaya?” a Twitter user commented.

“Bwahaha! Lulusot sa pader ‘pag PWD?” another online user quipped.

Image by DOTr

The DOTr explained that the PWD sign in the middle means that both the male and female restrooms are to be used by those with disabilities.

They clarified, “Kalma, friends. Ang ibig sabihin ng sign, both restrooms are dedicated for PWDs. Kaya din po malapad ang pintuan. May directional sign din po sa tabi na nagsasabi kung saan ‘yung regular restrooms.”

Meanwhile, a behavioral economist on Twitter gave some suggestions to make the signs more inclusive.

He tweeted, “A quick and free lecture on Visual Cues 1) Visual cues should be inclusive. Lahat dapat kaya siya maintindihan. Bata, matanda, may kapansan man o wala, Etc. 2) Visual cues message should be clear. Kapag kailangan mo pa ipaliwanag ito then there must be something wrong with it.”