Henry Sy Jr.’s eulogy for daughter Jan Catherine: ‘It has broken me’

  • Henry Sy Jr.’s eulogy for his daughter Jan Catherine made the rounds online
  • In the message, the heartbroken father detailed his pain and shared how difficult it was to let Jan Catherine go
  • He also recalled the last few moments when Jan Catherine assured them that she is ‘ready to meet Jesus’

Henry Sy Jr.’s heartbreaking eulogy for his late daughter Jan Catherine has gone viral.

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The words of the grieving father made many netizens weep as he shared how he is so heartbroken with the passing of his daughter, Jan Catherine.

The eulogy was shared on the Facebook page of Christ’s Commission Fellowship-affiliated The Cup of Faith. Henry first recalled how Jan took care of them during the pandemic.

He said, “Jan being on lockdown with us during the past year in this pandemic was truly a gift.”

“She nagged us to eat healthy and sleep early. She was joyful, kind and patient with us her parents and the most wonderful to be around especially in the past few months, even as she prepared for her own wedding,” he said.

Jan Catherine was supposed to get married in April.

“I cannot begin to explain the extraordinary turn of events that struck my family. All I can say is, it has broken me,” Henry added.

The doting father admitted how difficult it is to accept the loss of her daughter but he held on to his faith. Henry revealed that he is now slowly understanding the message of the Lord.

“At this moment, I cannot see and understand why the Lord took her home at this point in her young life, but God’s message to me these past few days is clear—to trust Him,” said the father.

“Yes, Jan was never mine to begin with. She was loaned to us for 29 years and what a beautiful gift she was from God,” he said.

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Henry even shared the emotional last few moments when Jan was ready to meet the Lord.

He recalled, “By God’s grace and compassion, He allowed us to speak to Jan moments before she was intubated and she said she was ready to meet Jesus; giving a double thumbs up and then pointing to the sky saying ‘with Jesus.’”

Tycoon Henry Sy’s son earlier disclosed that the untimely demise of Jan Catherine was due to a bacterial infection.

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