Galvez asks politicians to give way to frontliners when vaccination of general public begins

  • Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. revealed that they are looking at starting the mass inoculation of the general public by April or early May
  • He said that due to the limited supply of vaccines, he is asking the mayors and other politicians to give way to prioritize a health worker
  • Galvez added that if the delivery of the supply of vaccine gets delayed, they will have to move again their schedules

Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. talked about some of the government’s plans on the continued mass vaccination in the country.

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As mass inoculation has begun around various hospitals and medical institutions, Galvez assured the Filipinos that the general public will also be served. He said that they are expecting the vaccination of health workers to be finished by the end of March. However, if the supply of vaccines gets delayed again, Galvez said the completion of healthcare workers’ inoculation would be moved to April.

According to him, the vaccination rollout for the general public is slated to begin between late April and early May.

“Ang projection po namin ang general public, pati na ‘yung mga seniors, poor families, at saka vulnerable communities, we will start ‘yung general public inoculation late April, early May,” he said.

He continued that the priority groups such as the senior citizens, poor families, and vulnerable communities may also start to get vaccinated around the same period.

He revealed that out of the 600,000 Sinovac doses donated by China, they allocated 500,000 doses to prioritize the 1.7 million healthcare workers not just in major cities but all across the country. Meanwhile, 100,000 doses went to the Department of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

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Because of the limited supply, Galvez urged the politicians to give way to health workers once the mass vaccination of the general public begins.

“Because once we open the floodgate, all mayors would get themselves vaccinated. A single dose [you give to a mayor] would deprive a health-care worker of that slot,” he said.

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Inquirer, GMA