“Diskarte hindi arte”: Former flight attendant now a street foods vendor to support family

  • Leigh Isis Nazaredo inspired many netizens for her “madiskarte” story
  • The former flight attendant was one of those who got retrenched due to the pandemic
  • Instead of sulking, she opened a street vendor stall to continue earning for her family

A former flight attendant earned praise online for choosing to be “madiskarte” in these challenging times.

Image by GMA

Leigh Isis Nazaredo was one of the many crew of Philippine Airlines who were forced to “clip their wings” due to the pandemic. From earning P50,000 to P70,000 monthly as a flight attendant, Leigh found herself jobless.

“Noong time na ‘yun ang naiisip ko lang po, paano sina mama? Paano sina papa? Paano kami? Paano ako? ‘Yung acceptance na wala na akong trabaho nu’n sobrang hirap po sa akin,” she shared on GMA’s Reporter’s Notebook.

But instead of sulking, Leigh decided to find a way to earn by selling street food, which she described as her comfort food.

She admitted, “Hindi naman po ako nanggaling sa mayamang pamilya para ikahiya ko po na magbenta po ako ng fishball, ng kikiam. ‘Yan po ang comfort ko, kami ng mga kapatid ko. Sabi ko, why not gawin ko siyang business?”

On Fly High Manila, Leigh’s inspiring story was also featured. As the breadwinner of her family, getting retrenched didn’t stop her from finding ways to make ends meet.

Image by GMA

According to Leigh, her street food stall is named “Mini Moonie’s Corner”, named after a stray cat her family adopted. Just like her cat Moonie that is “small and terrible,” she believes her little business is doing great things for her family.

“Flight attendants are trained and molded to always rise above the worst of situations in order to help others, and for Leigh, it was her family,” Fly High Manila stated to describe Leigh. Truly admirable!

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