Coney Reyes hopes son Mayor Vico would be an inspiration to other leaders to make a stand

  • Coney Reyes revealed how proud she is of her son Mayor Vico Sotto
  • Mayor Vico has been recognized by the US State Department as one of International Anti-Corruption champions
  • The proud mom said Mayor Vico wants to de-normalize corruption and hopes more leaders will follow

Coney Reyes couldn’t be anymore proud of her son Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto for being one of the 12 personalities recognized by the U.S. State Department as International Anti-Corruption Champions.

Image by Mayor Vico Sotto via Instagram

During the farewell presscon of Coney’s show on GMA, “Love of My Life,” the actress was asked about her reaction to her son’s achievements.

Coney replied, “I am very proud of my son. I’m very grateful to the Lord for all the things He has been doing in him and through Him, kaya nga lagi kong sinasabi, ‘Glory to God.'”

She went on to reveal that Mayor Vico isn’t really after the recognition but is working hard for the welfare of the people. She added that Vico wanted the world to see what is really happening in the Philippines.

Coney explained, “He’s grateful for all these honor, very grateful. Pero what he seeks to do is really make people aware of… ‘yung parang kung hindi pa kayo aware, ito yung nangyayari sa bansa natin.”

The proud mother said Mayor Vico wanted to de-normalize corruption as part of Filipino culture.

Image by Pasig PIO via Facebook

“Let’s help eradicate corruption, na ma-denormalize na ang corruption, kasi parang nagiging normal na sa kultura natin yung corruption. So, ‘yun ang prayer ng heart niya, alam ko,” she added.

Coney also shared that she hopes Mayor Vico would be an inspiration to other leaders to make a stand.

“Sana hindi lang ito natatapos dito sa honor na ganito kundi sana maging inspirasyon sa mga ibang leaders, lalo na ‘yung mga kabataan na huwag matakot. Na it’s okay to make a stand, and if we make a stand collectively, it can amount to something for the country,” she added.

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