Bea Alonzo answers the question: “Are you willing to risk everything for love?”

  • Bea Alonzo answered questions about love in her latest vlog with Ian Veneracion
  • She admitted she would be willing to ‘risk it all’ if the guy is worth it
  • The actress also recalled how she once felt she experienced love at first sight

Bea Alonzo opened up about her thoughts on random love questions.

Image Capture of Video by Bea Alonzo via Youtube

In her latest vlog with Ian Veneracion, the actress answered a few more questions about her love life. At one point, Ian asked Bea if she’s willing to take a risk for love. The question goes, “Are you willing to leave everything behind for the one you love?”

It took some time for Bea to answer and said while laughing, “Only if he’s worth it… or maybe not.” She went serious and explained her answer, “I would. For love? I would. If he’s worth it.”

Asked to further clarify her criteria for “worth it,” the actress admitted, “If I’m 100 percent sure that he will love me for the rest of my life.” Ian further asked if she’s willing to let go of her career for a man she loves.

Bea also explained that if the person is worth it, he would not make her choose. “Unang-una, he’s not worth it if he’s willing to let me choose between the two— between him or the things I care about,” she said.

Image Capture of Video by Bea Alonzo via Youtube

Another question Bea and Ian talked about was love at first sight. According to Bea, since she is a hopeless romantic she does believe in it. She shared, “Yes, I do. I think that happened to me. “Di naman siya love at first sight. Parang meron lang something dun sa first time ko siyang nakita. Like, something changed inside me!”

Bea recalled that she was only 13 years old when it happened. She was in an audition and the guy walked in. “’Tapos, parang natulala ako sa kanya. ‘Di naman niya ako pinansin. Di niya ako type, so,” Bea laughingly said.

Watch the rest of the video via Bea Alonzo’s YouTube channel:

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