Arjo Atayde to produce and star in tribute film for Eddie Garcia this year

  • Arjo Atayde revealed that he will produce and star in a film dedicated to the late Eddie Garcia
  • He said that he and his team will begin by April 2021
  • The actor recently renewed his contract with ABS-CBN; saying that he is a team player and will not leave the network

Arjo Atayde is thrilled to begin a tribute film for the movie icon, Eddie Garcia.

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Arjo has admitted that Eddie has been his longtime “idol” in the film industry. He joined other Kapamilya artists during the virtual mediacon of “Kapamilya Strong” where he signed an exclusive contract under ABS-CBN. The actor gave updates on his upcoming project, among those included a tribute film.

According to Arjo, he will produce and also star in a film dedicated to the life of Eddie. It was initially a movie made for the two of them but with Eddie’s passing, Arjo decided to turn it into a tribute film.

He said, “Coming this April, I’m working on a movie that was supposed to be for me and Mr. Eddie Garcia. It became a tribute to him and this is one of the movies that I’m first producing alongside with my team so this is one of the stories that we’re looking forward to tell.”

Image by Arjo Atayde via Instagram

“After that I’ll be working on a project with ABS-CBN finally mid-year. That one I can’t announce but it’s going to be a seryosong story, seryosong journey,” he added.

Meanwhile, Arjo was asked why he chose to stay with the Kapamilya network despite it losing its franchise.

He answered, “Honestly, I trust them. I trust them since day one. So whatever project they may give me, I’m good. I’m just happy to be home. I’m a team player. If they sink, I sink with them.”

“If they’re gone, I’m gone with them. So the reason why I’m staying is this is my home and I don’t want to be elsewhere but here. That’s about it,” he added.

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