Angel Locsin: We need more women to be strong and outspoken

  • Angel Locsin discussed about gender stereotypes and how women’s voices are often frowned upon
  • She said that we like strong, outspoken men but when it’s applied to a woman, she is often criticized
  • The actress admitted that we need more women role models who are outspoken and strong

Angel Locsin talked about some of the qualities of a woman that are often frowned upon or are controversial in the Filipino society.

Image Capture of Video by Bianca Gonzalez via Youtube

The actress appeared on Bianca Gonzalez’s vlog as they talked about speaking up as a woman and traditional gender stereotypes. According to Angel it’s disappointing that our society is still not open about women voicing their opinion on important matters.

For Angel, having a lot of strong opinions and not being afraid to voice them are not a bad thing. However, it seems like we only like these qualities when it’s applied to men.

“Hindi masamang attribute ‘yun. Kung mapapansin mo, sa lahat ng mga leaders sa bansa natin… ‘yung pagiging opinionated or having strong personality, ito ‘yung mga personalities or traits, behaviors na nakikita natin sa mga kalalakihan na gusto natin maging leader. Pero pagdating sa kababaihan ay hindi natin gusto,” she explained.

“Hindi ‘to issue kung ano ‘yung kayang gawin ng mga kababaihan, kung hindi ‘yung kultura na natin. Merong stigma,” she continued.

When Bianca praised Angel for being one of those women who are breaking the stereotype, Angel admitted she only unconsciously did it. She said she’s also looking for more women role models.

“Masyado tayong biased sa mga gender roles. Baka kailangan itigil natin ‘yung mga ganon. Kailangan natin ng maraming role models. So kung hindi mapo-promote ‘yung maraming kababaihan na deserving naman, wala tayong masyadong magiging peg sa life natin kumbaga,” she added.

Image by Angel Locsin via Instagram

The philanthropist-actress also gave some advice for young people who want to own their voice. First, to make you sure you know the truth and second, to stand up for that truth.

Watch the rest of the vlog via Bianca Gonzalez’s YouTube channel:

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