Website offers ‘dream job’, to pay $2000 for you to sleep for research

  • Sleepstandards is a website focusing on sleep quality products and research
  • For their latest study, they are looking for someone who’s willing to sleep under certain environments and determine the quality of sleep
  • Chosen candidate gets an all-expenses paid trip, including 5 nights of stay at a 5-star hotel and a $2000 compensation

A website is offering a “dream job” for those who only want to chill and literally, sleep in a resort.

Image by Sleep Standard

Remember those times when you’re so sleepy behind your working desk? Now, imagine actually making money just by sleeping. This could be a possibility for you if you get chosen by a company for their research. is a website that provides information on sleep quality products and research. For their latest study, they are looking for someone who’s willing to make $2,000 just by sleeping under various conditions and environments. They want to study the influence of environmental factors on the quality of sleep.

If you’re lucky enough to be the chosen candidate, you will spend five nights sleeping in different environments set up by their team including one night in a luxury 5-star resort, as per their website.

Image by Canva

As the website claims that it is a “dream job,” your task is pretty simple. Aside from sleeping, you’ll also be asked for a little reporting.
You will then be required to write a report about your sleep experience each night. You’ll be made to describe how the environments affected your sleep quality. You must be able to rate the environment 1 to 10 to tell researchers the difference in sleep preference.

How to apply?

Application is very easy. Your application should contain a headshot and a link to a 60-second introduction video explaining why you’re interested in the job. The company will also look at your social media profiles. All entries must be submitted by March 31.

Are you up to it?