Rica Peralejo admits regretting past as a daring star: ‘What I did caused others to sin’

  • Rica Peralejo answered some personal questions about her on her latest vlog
  • She also opened up about her past as a sexy star and, recalled how she was asked to do mature roles to ‘survive’ in showbiz
  • Rica, who is now a devout Christian, revealed she regretted being the cause of others to sin

Rica Peralejo opened up about her past as a sexy star and admitted that she has regrets on that part of her life.

Image Capture of Video by Rica Peralejo via Yotube

On her latest vlog via her YouTube channel, Rica answered some personal questions and assumptions about her. One of the topics she discussed was her past as a “sexy star” and the real reason why she decided to go down that path.

Rica explained, “Like many things in my life, I really don’t make decisions. What I mean about that is, parang nagfo-flow in and out of things lang ako.”

The former actress revealed that there came a point in her career when she was asked that she needed to “change her image for her to be able “survive” in showbiz.

“One way that they saw this happening was if I took on more mature roles,” Rica said.

“That means I really bared some parts of my body and did some really horrifying, not-so-proud-of things on screen just so we can give something to our producers for a movie,” she added.

Rica, now a devout Christian and married to pastor Joseph Bonifacio, regrets being an instrument for others to sin.

Image by Rica Peralejo via Instagram

She stated, “Yung pagsisisi ko lang din, what I did caused others to sin, or at least aggravated it or contributed to the defiling of who they were. That’s, of course, heavy on me. Baka kailangan ko lang talaga siya sa sarili kong puso para malaman ko na hindi ako perfect. Also at the same time, it just really highlights the grace of God in my life.”

Watch the rest of the vlog via Rica’s YouTube channel:

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