Pia Wurtzbach admits talking with Jeremy Jauncey about marriage

  • Pia Wurtzbach shared that she and Jeremy Jauncey have talked about marriage and future family plans
  • She admitted feeling relieved that they are on the same page and she’s not wasting her time on the wrong person
  • The beauty queen called it a “red flag” when your significant other doesn’t want to talk about marriage with you

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach admitted that she has talked with her boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey about marriage.

Image by Pia Wurtzbach via Instagram

The beauty queen made a few revelations about her relationship on her Spotify podcast, “Between Us Queens”, with fellow beauty queens Carla Lizardo and Bianca Guidotti. The three women discussed the “dreaded” question, “Kelan ka mag-aasawa?”

The hosts agreed that it’s perfectly normal for women to ask questions about future plans, including marriage, at one point in their relationships. They even shared how it’s considered a “red flag” when their significant other would avoid the subject.

Pia revealed how she had been with a guy who had no plans about their future. She explained, “I had a relationship like that. Yeah he would disappear. You say the word ‘marriage’ and he’s like nope, don’t even go there. He’s just gone.”

The beauty queen admitted she felt relieved that her current boyfriend is more open about discussing marriage and future plans with her.

“Yeah, we actually are. We talked about it like really early on, but not marrying each other ha, just the idea of it and, you know, what we want for the future. Kasi tama nga kayo, nasa age na tayo na ‘di na tayo nagsasayang ng oras na parang, ‘Ano to? You’re just dating to what — fool around?’” Pia said.

Image by Pia Wurtzbach via Instagram

She explained that she wants to make sure she’s investing time on somebody who’s on the same page as her.

“You know, we both wanna settle down, we both wanna have big families, we both are very family-oriented. That was a good sign early on in the relationship,” she said.

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