From jeep to Taal Volcano, PH designers showcase Pinoy culture through footwear

  • Footwear designers competed in the 7th Filipino Footwear Design Competition (FFDC)
  • Seven footwear designers showed off their works which were inspired mostly by Pinoy culture icons
  • The winning designers will represent the Philippines at the International Footwear Design Competition (IFDC) in China

Seven footwear designers are set to compete in an international competition in China by 2022.

Image by Zapateria via Facebook

Filipino footwear designers proudly showed off their flair and fashion as they showcased Pinoy pop culture in their works. The designers went through a series of training workshops on footwear making with Zapateria — the country’s first creative hub for footwear design and development.

The culminating event of the workshop led to the 7th Filipino Footwear Design Competition (FFDC) which was organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Footwear Federation, Inc. (PFFI).

The designers worked with established shoe designers and Marikina-based shoemakers to bring their sketches to reality. The winners get to represent the Philippines at the International Footwear Design Competition (IFDC) in China.

The FFDC 2020 grand prize went to designer Carla Apostol’s “Sierra” lady boots. According to her, the pair was inspired by her friend’s wedding in Tagaytay just when the Taal Volcano erupted. She wanted to make it “beautiful but also so destructive.”

Image by Zapateria via Facebook

First runner-up was Joel Wijangco’s “Sister’s Favorite.” True to its name, the footwear was inspired by his sister’s favorite Japanese food, ramen. The footwear is made of resin, rubber, plastic, metal, cable wires, miso bowl, fake banana leaves, and chopsticks

Second runner up goes to Janreyk Paler’s footwear named “Osang–Queen of the Road,” which is a depiction of our jeepney. It was meant to pay tribute to his parents who are jeepney drivers and a former barker. He also made use of materials found in jeepneys such as metal sheets, metal round beads, knots and bolts, metal chain, silver, and genuine leather.

Image by Zapateria via Facebook

Other works that made the cut are the creations of Michael Joseph Bawar called “Awit ng Mananahi”, Mark Boni Marter’s “Dyip Heels”, Ivan Fabia’s “Hibla Habi” and Therese Paman’s “Kalinaw’, which is a subtle pair of light blue heels inspired by bodies of water.

PFFI director general Roger Py said Filipino footwear designers have so much potential to make it big in the international market. Unfortunately, footwear designing is not considered a “professionalized industry” in our country.

“In other countries, you can buy their designs. For example, in Portugal, they have schools for footwear. They come out with degrees and so we have a lot of people here to make shoes, but they are not recognized,” Py said in a virtual interview.

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Posted by Zapateria on Wednesday, February 3, 2021