Netizens defend Angel Locsin in new photos: “Weight does not define beauty”

  • Angel Locsin’s recent photos earned the reactions of netizens who were quick to defend her weight gain
  • Many commented that the actress remains to be beautiful inside and out
  • Angel’s Facebook page also uploaded a video of the actress’ reaction on her weight gain

Netizens continued to defend Angel Locsin after recent photos of her gaining weight circulated on social media.

Image by Kuya Mo Rey Photography via Facebook

Fans and supporters of the actress were quick to remind Angel that she is still beautiful no matter what size she is.

Recently, photos of Angel looking heavier than what we used to see were taken by Kuyarey Photography at the Old Grove Farmstead. Some photos were also shared by Angel Locsin’s official Facebook page. The photos were taken from behind the scene of the filming of the Valentine’s Day episode of “Iba Yan!”

A fan wrote, “Don’t worry about your weight , what matters is your heart. The fact is everything in you is gorgeous!”

Another commented, “Kahit ano pa ‘yan idol, payat o chubby at least maganda ka pa rin naman. At wala ka pa ring sawa tumulong sa mahihirap. The best ka talaga, idol Angel.”

Following the viral photos, Angel’s official Facebook uploaded an interview of the actress with Noel as they talked about her weight. The actress said, “Okay ako kahit anong weight eh. Sa posisyon ko kasi ilang years ng nag-FHM ganun.”

Image by Angel Locsin via Facebook

When asked if she still minds when people comment about her weight, Angel said it depends on the intention.

Angel admitted, “Minsan I mind because bakit tingin n’yo you matter. Bakit parang tingin n’yo, I’m doing this for you. Okay ako dun sa mga concerned about my health pero ‘yung gusto mo lang magbigay ng opinyon, eh ‘di okay. Free ka naman magbigay ng opinyon pero ‘di ibig sabihin nun naiintindihan mo kung anong nasa utak ko, ‘di ba.”

She continued that she worked so hard to be known for something. Now, finally she is being recognized for something she believes in, which is helping those in need.

Meanwhile, enjoy this latest episode of Iba ‘Yan:

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