Neil Arce to fiancée Angel Locsin: “You’re still more beautiful in person”

  • Neil Arce told Angel Locsin that no portrait can compare to how beautiful she is in person
  • Angel received a portrait of herself made by Kristine Lim from FAMAS
  • Kristine, the artist, also agreed that Angel is indeed beautiful inside and out

Neil Arce reminded his fiancèe Angel Locsin that she’s even more beautiful in person.

Image by Angel Locsin via Instagram

For Neil, Angel is still more beautiful in person than any painting or portrait of her. This came after Angel posted on Instagram, a photo of a beautiful portrait of her. It was given by the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards (FAMAS) Digital 2020 when Angel was awarded the FPJ Memorial Award last year.

The 35-year-old Kapamilya star captioned the post with, “Amazing portrait. Thank you for this @kristine_s_lim & @famas_digital.”

While the post was filled with positive responses from Angel’s fans and friends, nothing beat the one from her fiancè who proudly shared how much he admires her.

Neil commented, “It’s beautiful but you’re still more beautiful in person [kiss emoji].”

Angel replied, “asus [heart emoji].”

Angel’s celebrity friends also praised the artwork. Vice Ganda, Bubbles Paraiso, at Pinky Amador also said it was beautiful.

Image by Angel Locsin via Instagram

Meanwhile, Kristine Lim, the artist who made the portrait, expressed her appreciation to Angel. Like Neil, she also agreed how beautiful Angel is inside and out. She commented, “Thank you so much and congratulations, @therealangellocsin . A well deserved award!”

“Though I must say that your beauty does not match with the portrait that I made. You are beautiful both inside and outside..You have a good heart and a truly inspiring and amazing woman. Such an honor to create this piece. May God continue to shine in and through you,” she added.

Angel also took the time to reply and praised Kristine for her talent and art.

She wrote, “You’re really blessed with a talent of making people feel good, through your art and your words. Thank you sooo much.”

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