Mickey Ferriols regrets prioritizing love life over career: “I didn’t know better”

  • Mickey Ferriols looked back at the missed opportunities she had because she chose love life over career
  • The former actress-host said that she used to be insecure and was a jealous partner
  • Since shying away from showbiz, Mickey has focused on art and had her first solo art exhibit last 2019

Mickey Ferriols admitted she regrets that she used to prioritize love life over her career.

Image by Mickey Ferriols via Instagram

After shying away from the limelight for some time, Mickey is now under Viva and is excited to explore what the showbiz industry can offer her. As she begins again, Mickey revealed that there are times when she looks back at the missed opportunities she had because she chose her love life.

“Career-wise, ‘yon nga. Ngayon madalas mangyari na I looked back on the day when I was starting. I had offers from ganitong network and I had a stable hosting job, pero inuna ko ang personal life – ‘yung love life, ganyan,”Mickey shared with Push.

“And I didn’t know better, na ngayon pag iniisip ko, lagi kong sinasabi na sana, ‘Dapat ito ang inuna mo, sana ganito.’ Kasi ‘yung mga inuna ko nung panahon na ‘yon wala na. Yung love life ko noon wala na, ‘di ba? Mas naging maganda sana ang career ko kung hindi ‘yung mga love life na ‘yan ang inuna ko,” she admitted.

The actress-host also revealed that another regret she had was she was easily swayed by jealousy. She added that her insecurities would sometimes get the better of her.

Mickey said, “Sa personal naman, siguro ang regret ko is nung hindi na ako Christian tapos lagi akong selosa. Alam mo ‘yon, kada ano selos, selos, selos. Yang mga insecurity kasi na yan walang pinipili, ‘di ba?”

Image by Mickey Ferriols via Instagram

Mickey’s showbiz hiatus, however, has done her good as she was able to explore her other talents. Last 2019, she held her first solo art exhibit entitled, “Introspection.”

Mickey, whose inspiration for her artwork she draws from the Christian faith, said that painting serves as her personal “meeting place” with God.

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