Look: Cats are not just pets, they can babysit too

  • Circulating on social media is an adorable cat trying to stop a child from climbing the railings of the balcony
  • The cat acted like a strict nanny babysitting a toddler
  • The short video captured the attention of social media and immediately went viral

They said that dogs are men’s best friends because they are not just adorable but they can also serve as protectors in times of trouble. But what about the cats? Aren’t they adorable too? Yes, they are, and if dogs can protect their masters, surely cats also can.

Image capture via Youtube video | Viral Hog

In a viral video circulating in the social media, a child who is near the dangerous part of the house might be facing a big danger once he’s able to climb on the railings of the balcony. Good thing that he has a guardian angel beside him to make sure he is safe. That guardian angel is the adorable pet cat that lives with them in the house. The cat acted like a strict nanny babysitting the little boy.

As seen on the video, the cat keeps on preventing the baby from grabbing the railings of the balcony where the boy was playing.  This might mean danger if the child could have his way up the railings; good thing the cat is on guard to protect him. Good job, Kitty!

Image capture via Youtube video| Viral Hog

Viral hog, the uploader,  shared that the child in  the video is from Bucaramanga, Columbia. On the description it was explained that the 1-year-old baby is with his older brother together with their cat. They also clarified that there is a security mesh and the child was never really in danger.

The baby of 1 year and 2 months is protected by his pet his older brother when he tries to move the child away from the balcony railings. To clarify that there is a security mesh and the child was never really in danger.” – Viral hog

So, the next time you want to hire a nanny, you might want to consider a cat just like the one in the video.  [Click here to watch the video.]