Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, Dimples Romana celebrate 10 years of friendship

  • Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes and Dimples Romana reunited for some bonding time
  • The three celebrities began their friendship when they starred in the remake of “Mara Clara” in 2010
  • Dimples described Kathryn and Julia as her “sisters”

Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes were joined by Dimples Romana as they reunited to celebrate a decade of their friendship.

Image by Dimples Romana via Instagram

It was a total treat for the fans of “Mara Clara” when Kathryn, Julia and Dimples got together for a fun bonding time. The three posted photos of their reunion on Instagram as they shared the strong bond they have because of their TV series, “Mara Clara” back in 2010.

Julia, who has shied away from the limelight for some time now, surprised her followers on Instagram when she posted a photo of herself with her celebrity friends.

“More than 10 yrs of friendship. Love you girls,” Julia wrote in the caption of her post.

Dimples, on the hand, revealed more about how she bonded with Julia and Kathryn. She also called them “sisters.”

“Sisters. From a friendship that began a decade ago in Mara Clara (shoutout to all the amaaaazing fans who still, up to this day, tag me clips and photos) to baking classes, wellness trips, to dinners at home, unli chika, food trips and road trips, so glad I get to call you all, my sisters,” she said.

Image by Dimples Romana via Instagram

After “Mara Clara,” Kathryn and Julia starred in a movie “Way Back Home” that helped deepen their friendship. Earlier, Kathryn revealed how much she appreciated her friendship with Julia, especially during their Mara Clara days.

“Ang suwerte ko nun kasi kasama ko si Julia. Malapit ko siyang kaibigan. Alam mo ‘yung feeling na wala ka pang love team nun, wala pang DJ (Padilla), pero meron kang kasama na mag-adjust sa ganung mundo. Suwerte ako nun na kasama ko si Julia,” she said.