Janno Gibbs, Kitkat Favia dismissed from ‘Happy Time’ following controversial rift

  • Janno Gibbs and Kitkat Favia have been removed from the show “Happy Time”
  • According to Janno, they have both been asked to leave due to the controversy they got into recently while filming the show
  • Janno aired his side and revealed that Kitkat took their teasing on set personally

Janno Gibbs and Kitkat Favia have been removed from their noontime show “Happy Time” following the rift that occurred between them.

Images by Janno Gibbs and Kitkat via Instagram

The controversy between the hosts didn’t end well for them as both Janno and Kitkat have been removed from the show. Janno confirmed this; saying, “We have both been asked to leave the show.”

Janno also issued an official statement following his removal from the show and aired his side of the incident. It can be recalled that the fiasco between him and Kitkat stemmed while they were playing a game on the show. Janno allegedly got in a heated argument with Kitkat and started to throw curses at her.

According to Janno, Kitkat took the teasings personally and provoked him to act harshly. He explained, “All along, I thought that we were having an innocent, comedic banter and that she was playing along, but apparently, she had taken it personally. After she consecutively said several words against me, I was also affected and it made me react the way that I did.”

Janno revealed that due to Kitkat’s online posts, he and his family had been hurt. “In spite of this, I kept quiet and only replied once hoping the issue would die down,” he continued.

Image by Janno Gibbs via Instagram

The former host admitted he had apologized to Kitkat and to the show’s management. However, they were both asked to leave the show. Janno also shared that he has his own fair share of learnings from the incident.

“My personal learning is to not react so publicly in situations like this whether on air or online. I have also learned to treat my co-workers with even more sensitivity,”Janno said.

Janno expressed his gratitude to the network, Net 25, and said he will miss working with his brother, Anjo Yllana.