Ivana Alawi drops hint at name of TV host who yelled, humiliated her in front of others

  • Ivana Alawi remembered how she was once yelled at and humiliated in front of other celebrities
  • She recalled how this TV host called her ill-mannered after her PA sat near the host’s dressing room
  • The vlogger said that the first letter of the host’s name starts with letter “M”

Ivana Alawi recalled an unforgettable encounter she had with a veteran ABS-CBN TV host who yelled at her in front of other people.

Image Capture of Video by Ivana Alawi via Youtube

In Ivana’s latest vlog entitled “Sagot o Lagot,” the popular vlogger got candid in answering some controversial questions about her. One question raised was if she has ever got into any quarrels with a celebrity. Without dropping names, Ivana recalled how her childhood idol humiliated her in front of other celebrities.

She shared, “Lagi ko siyang pinapanood nung bata ako, kaya idol na idol ko siya noon.”

Ivana admitted that she wouldn’t dare get into any disagreements with other celebrities because she understands respect is needed in showbiz.

She went on to recall an incident back in 2019 when she had to be a guest of a show to promote their series, “Sino ang May Sala?: Mea Culpa.” While they were waiting, her personal assistant (PA) decided to sit near the other dressing room across theirs. After a while, Ivana was totally shocked when the TV host went out, pointed a finger at her and yelled.

Ivan revealed, “Sabi niya, ‘You, why are you…. your person is in my room, ha! Bawal kayong pumasok sa dressing room ko. Bastos!’”

Image by Ivana Alawi via Facebook

“‘Tapos parang naalala ko ‘yung reaction ko noon, ‘Sorry po, sorry po.’ As in sorry ako nang sorry. Tapos sobrang naano kasi parang sa harap ng ibang artists. Sobrang pinapahiya ako, as in…”

She added, “Ako ‘yung inaway and then, hiyang-hiya ako noon. Umiyak ako, ‘tapos tumawag ako kay Mama,” she continued. In the end, Ivana dropped a hint that the name of the TV host begins with the letter “M.”

You can watch the vlog via Ivana Alawi’s YouTube channel:

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