Isabelle Daza writes a children’s book for her nanny: ‘Yaya Luning is part of our family’

  • Isabelle Daza wrote a book to honor her longtime nanny, Yaya Luning
  • The children’s book aims to chronicle the life of a child growing up with a nanny
  • Isabelle said that yayas do not compete with mothers but still have a special place in the hearts of their “alagas”

Isabelle Daza wrote a children’s book about her longtime nanny, Yaya Luning.

Image by Isabelle Daza via Instagram story

To honor and dignify the work of nannies, Isabelle wrote about her Yaya Luning and even titled it after her name. In the book “Yaya Luning,” Isabelle shared her own story of growing up with a nanny, and taught kids the role and importance of having a yaya in a family.

Sharing snapshots of the book, Isabelle wrote on her Instagram Stories, “So I wrote a children’s book which is basically an autobiography of my life. I wanted to come from the point of view of someone who grew up with a yaya. @YayaLuning is part of our family.”

Image by Yaya Luning via Instagram

She added that a nanny doesn’t compete with a mother but still has a place in a child’s heart.

“She does not replace the role of the mother. (I know a lot of moms feel guilt or shame when the child chooses the yaya/nanny over them sometimes). Instead my book aims to convey that a yaya has a special in a child’s heart. (One that does not compete with a parent),” Isabelle said.

The celebrity mom continued that the book aims to give yaya a sense of dignity as they dedicate their lives in caring for other people’s children. She also reminded parents to give their yayas the respect and love they deserve.

Writing children’s books has been close to Isabelle’s heart. Last year, she came up with an animated book called Tralala the Tiger, dedicated to her son, Baltie.

Isabelle graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Early Childhood Education, and worked as a preschool teacher.

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