Hayden Kho talks about how being a Christian changed his relationship with Vicki Belo

  • Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo opened up about how their relationship changed for the better because of faith
  • The couple admitted that their wedding almost got cancelled but because of their faith, they were able to work it all out
  • Vicki also couldn’t help but be proud of how much Hayden has transformed to become a wonderful husband and father

Hayden Kho revealed how faith changed his relationship with Vicki Belo.

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The couple got honest and candid about details of their relationship, even including the controversial parts. In Vicki Belo’s latest vlog via her YouTube channel, they opened up about how converting into Christians transformed their relationship for the better.

According to the couple, they almost had their wedding canceled due to a disagreement. “I think ngayon naging clear na na mali ‘yung maraming bagay du’n. But God has his reasons. I did not sleep with anyone just to be clear and I did not have any other girlfriend, okay,” Hayden stated.

Vicki commented in jest: “Muntik lang. Hindi pa niya nako-close ang mata.”

Hayden continued to explain that he couldn’t help but thank their renewed faith for saving their relationship.

“When we became Christians, ‘yung standards namin sa relationship namin became very high. Na siguro pre-Christian, pre-Born Again days namin, it would’ve been acceptable and I would justify it. But after that, ‘yung standards namin sa relationship namin became very high,” Hayden admitted.

“We have this new rule, for example, na I will not allow myself to be alone with a woman kahit sa elevator. Mag-iingat ako sobra. It’s just being smart about it,” he added.

Image by Vicki Belo via Facebook

Meanwhile, Vicki also shared how proud she is of their relationship and how much Hayden has changed. She mentioned how sweet and wonderful Hayden is as a father and husband.

“Because it’s so good. And I’m very happy. I’m surprised that you’re such a wonderful husband and father. But he’s really changed and it’s been wonderful. In fact, he’s very sweet,” she said.

Watch the rest of the vlog via Vicki Belo’s YouTube channel:

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