Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay respond to critics of their viral ‘sweet photos’

  • Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay dealt with criticisms over their photos on their social media accounts
  • Derek calmly told a critic that he hopes she finds happiness in the harsh words she told him
  • Ellen, on the other hand, questioned a critic why she keeps on following her on social media when she thinks she is a “bad influence”

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay had to deal with netizens who leave criticisms on their viral photos.

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

Netizens have started assuming that a blossoming romance is going on between Ellen and Derek. The actress has been spotted spending some time at the actor’s house. Recently, they spent some time relaxing on a vacation, even bringing along Ellen’s son, Elias Modesto.

As more photos of Ellen and Derek surfaced online, many noticed how they seem to be ‘extra sweet’ with each other. While many were interested in the truth, there were also many netizens who already started throwing hurtful words at them.

A netizen commented on Derek’s photo of him with Ellen, calling him a “womanizer” and that they are only using each other. Derek calmly responded, “I hope you find joy with the words you have expressed to me and Ellen.”

Meanwhile, Ellen also has to face her own fair share of critics. A netizen left a comment on her social media post; saying, “Public figure but not a good influence to youths.”

Ellen didn’t back down and replied, “Yet you follow me, judge me, and allow your mind to be exposed to ‘our’ influence. Whose choice is that now? Shouldn’t you be protecting yourself and your peace?”

Image by Derek Ramsay via Instagram

The two have been rumored to be together since January this year. However, Derek revealed that they just really enjoy each other’s company.

He told Pep, “Kami ni Ellen, we are the same in so many ways. Hindi kami takot na ipakita ang nararamdaman namin o ipakita ang naiisip namin.”

“We really enjoy each other’s company,” he added.