Duterte urges Filipinos to pray more: Only God can save this planet

  • President Rodrigo Duterte urged the Filipinos to pray because only God can save the planet from climate change
  • He stated that we have to brace ourselves for many more challenges and it’s best that we hold on to our faith, whatever religion we belong to
  • Duterte shared how thankful he is that tropical storm Auring spared many parts of the country

President Rodrigo Duterte encouraged the Filipinos to be fervent in their prayers.

Image by PCOO

As the country continues to face the COVID-19 health crisis, the President reflected on how the world can only be saved by God. In his latest public address, Duterte admitted that we will still have to face so many challenges and it’s best that we pray to God.

“There are so many things really coming our way, problems. If you want to have an advice, if you’re ready to get one, there is only one thing really that can save this planet. It’s God,” he said.

“Maybe you should pray more, whatever the god you believe in,” he added.

Duterte said he intends to offer prayers, too. “Ako I have my own god. Of course we have the same god as everybody,” said Duterte.

The President made the remark as he discussed the effects of climate change.

“Iyong God ng Moro, ng Muslim, assalamu alaikum sa inyo. Ano lang magdasal tayong lahat kasi mahirap ‘yong buwan-buwan nag-ano. It’s destructive to the nation at saka ‘yong pera,” Duterte stated as he talked about the recent typhoons the Philippines faced.

Image by PCOO

The President added how thankful he is that tropical storm Auring spared many parts of the country. “Nag-coast line lang siya. Ang Mindanao was spared. Davao was spared. We have to thank the good Lord for that,” he said.

The President went on to remind the public to continue following safety protocols and to be patient as we await the arrival of our COVID-19 vaccine.