Dingdong Dantes on experience as delivery rider: ‘I realized how difficult this job is’

  • Dingdong Dantes took on the job as a delivery rider for a day
  • He admitted how challenging the job is and how risky it is for riders who don’t have training
  • The actor has launched his own service delivery app to help workers who lost their jobs amid the pandemic

Dingdong Dantes worked as a delivery rider for a day and realized how challenging the job is.

Image by Dingdong Dantes via Instagram

On Instagram, the actor revealed that one highlight of his Valentine’s Day was when he experienced the job of a delivery rider. He shared that after completing six deliveries, he couldn’t help but praise the riders for the hard work they do everyday.

He wrote, “I started at 9:30 [a.m.] and ended before 3 [p.m.], and as I sit here at home waiting for early dinner, I realize how difficult this job is. There are so many factors to consider: heat, dehydration, heavy traffic, wrong addresses — which can cause panic and delays, customer’s temperament, plus the danger of getting into accidents especially if you have not been properly trained.”

The actor continued to praise the delivery riders saying that his admiration and respect has grown even more. “And today, mas lalo pang tumindi ang paghanga at respeto ko sa inyong lahat,” Dingdong stated.

Image by Dingdong Dantes via Instagram

Dingdong disclosed that he will continue making an effort to professionalize the delivery service industry. “That’s why I will never get tired of my mission of professionalizing this industry, especially for those who want to be successful in this field,” he said.

Earlier, Dingdong launched a delivery service app named “Dingdong PH” to help workers who’ve lost their jobs amid the pandemic. He revealed that he got the idea after his wife Marian Rivera had troubles in delivering flowers for her business, and he ended up making a delivery himself.

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