Colombia seeks Duterte’s support to supply PH with pork, beef products

  • The Colombian government offered to supply the Philippines with pork and beef products
  • Colombian Ambassador to the Philippines Marcela Ordoñez Fernandez has sought President Rodrigo Duterte’s support
  • Colombia also offered support in terms of tourism, education and foreign investment

The government of Colombia has sought the support of President Rodrigo Duterte in supplying the Philippines with pork and beef products.

Image by PCOO

Colombian Ambassador to the Philippines Marcela Ordoñez Fernandez has sought Duterte’s assistance in facilitating the admissibility process of the import of meat. The envoy made the proposal when she presented her credentials to Duterte.

The proposal came amid the Philippines’ concerns on the rising prices of meat in the market.

“We are interested in selling pork meat and beef to the Philippines and we would welcome, Mr. President, any support you can give us to accelerate the admissibility process,” the Colombian envoy said.

Aside from supplying meat, the Colombian government is also offering to increase foreign investment between the two nations. Fernandez also admitted the tourism industry between the countries could be fostered.

“We also want to see an increase in foreign investment both ways as both your economy and my economy have a lot of potential. And we want more tourism. More and more Colombians are visiting the Philippines and we believe that Colombia has everything that the Filipinos love,” she said.

The Colombian envoy also discussed about enhancing bilateral ties in the area of education.

Image by PCOO

“[A]llow me to say that we are very interested in learning from the Philippines. My President, President (Iván) Duque, is very interested in other breakthroughs that the Philippines has had in education. So we want the best practices of the Philippines in education,” she said.

Meanwhile, Duterte is positive about Colombia’s proposals and looks forward to strengthening ties between the two countries.

He said, “We are also interested in cooperating on taking the peace process further, given Colombia’s experience. Together, in solidarity and cooperation, we will continue to build upon the gains of our longstanding friendship.”