Celebrity couple Juancho Triviño, Joyce Pring announce they’re expecting their bundle of joy

  • Celebrity couple Joyce Pring and Juancho Triviño announced via an Instagram post that they are expecting
  • Sharing their cute picture showing Joyce’s baby bump, Juancho said, “I’m going to be a dad.”
  • The news brought by the couple became a big surprise to their fans, family and friends

Unang Hirit love team Juancho Triviño and Joyce Pring who became real life sweethearts received their best Valentine’s gift ever. The couple surprised their followers with their biggest announcement, “Yes, we’re pregnant!”

Image via Instagram| Juancho Trivino

Juancho excitedly posted their cute pictures via Instagram showing the first ultrasound image of their first bundle of joy. “THREEvinos coming soon!! Yes, we are pregnant! I’m going to be a dad,” he captioned.

On a separate IG post, Joyce proudly shared, “From #Juanchoyce to #BabyNumberJUAN…From #TheTrivinos to now becoming #TheTHREEvinos…Fam, we’re excited to share with you all the news… we’re gonna have our own #BundleofJoyth and he/she is ready to say hello this 2021!”

Image via Instagram| Joyce Pring

What more can a couple ask for as a Valentine’s gift than having their first baby after tying the knot?

The couple started as co-hosts in the GMA morning show Unang Hirit where they soon became a love team using the hashtag #Juanchoyce. During an interview Joyce narrated how the #Juanchoyce started everything. She said it all began when they held hands for a photo shoot imitating the bride of Chuckie,  then she posted it using the hashtag that soon bloomed to real life love story.

Image via Youtube| GMA Public Affairs

The couple tied the knot on February 09, 2020, and being with each other was the best Valentine’s gift that both received. But as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary, they are even more rewarded and blessed to have a new member in their family.

To the soon-to-be parents, Juancho and Joyce, Congratulations!