Beth Tamayo recalls working as babysitter, cashier, waiter in the US: “Trying to make money, ang hirap kaya!”

  • Beth Tamayo revealed why she had to leave the country back in 2009
  • She went on to share her humble beginnings in the United States
  • From working as a babysitter to waiter, Beth now works as an executive assistant in a company in San Francisco

Beth Tamayo recalled why she quickly packed up and left the Philippines and began her new life in the United States.

Image by Beth Tamayo via Instagram

The former actress revealed that she left her showbiz career in the country back when she was still married to her ex-husband Johnny Wong. At that time, Johnny was having financial problems and they received threats against their lives.

On the show “Just In,” Beth shared with Paolo Contis, “Hindi naman natin idi-deny ‘yan. It’s been in the news or whatever, my ex-husband before had a problem; financial problem. So parang dami na ng taong naghahabol sa kanya and parang our lives are actually in danger na. We had to leave. We had to leave in 2009.”

Beth continued how she started to build a new life in the US. She admitted it was hard work and she took jobs very far from her celebrity life in the Philippines. But she made sure that she finished a college degree.

She added, “Ang buhay Amerika hindi naman talaga madali. My first job in New York, I was a babysitter for a Colombian family. I worked as a cashier sa Victoria’s Secret store sa New York. The hustle of living on your own, and trying to make money, ang hirap kaya!”

“Nag-waiter ako sa New York, I was a server and a maître d’. A maître d’ is parang receptionist or I’m the one sitting you, ako mag-a-arrange ng mga table, whatever,” she added.

Image by Beth Tamayo via Instagram

Since then, Beth has come a long way as she is now working as an executive assistant for a company in San Francisco. She is also engaged to  fiance Adam Hutchinson.

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